March update

An alpaca farm at sunset
I’ve been horrible about updating the blog, clearly. I’ve been writing a tutorial about using keyframe motion to pan time lapse movies, but haven’t finished it. I also haven’t shot a good time lapse, without which the entry is dead in the water.

Regardless … I’m back in Ohio for the moment (anybody want to hire me away?). Trying to freelance while looking for a permanent job. I went through my archive to find some images I liked, but that hadn’t seen the light of day for one reason or another. Flagged several for consideration, toned and uploaded a few already. I may go back and work on the others … or I may not. Who knows?

I have a bunch of really quirky alpaca images shot during the 2009 Fall Workshop. The project ended up being nearly 100% video, so the stills really didn’t get much play. I shot some late in the day, after I had most of the video footage I needed. Beautiful light, and some really funny animals. The wide angle lens added that extra little bit of weird.

I was trying to emphasize the contrasting warm and cool tones when I processed the second shot. I used Lightroom’s split toning feature to punch up the shadow blues and highlight yellows.

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